Guidelines for Stella Womentors
Thank You for Joining the Network!

Thank you for being part of the Stella Women’s Mentorship Network (WMN) and empowering women and girls through sharing your experience. Stella offers a platform for personalized mentorship depending on the agreement between the mentor/mentee and the set of mutually agreed objectives and needs. As a Womentor you will become an advisor of a girl or woman who has interests in your field of expertise. In order to facilitate the initiation of your mentorship with our mentees, we have listed some useful information below. We also invite you to visit our website to find out more about Stella, the work we do, and your fellow womentors.

Basic Principles of Womentorship

Stella offers you the space and time to make the mentorship process work for you as conveniently as possible. As a womentor You:

1. Decide how much time you can devote to the mentorship;

2. Decide what type of communication is best suited (e.g. only emails, meeting in person, etc.);

3. Can reach out to the Stella team for any question at any time.

These three basic rules of womentorship at Stella encourage you as a womentor to take the lead and establish the best way to communicate with the womentees that have been assigned to you. As each womentor has different engagements and live in different locations, we do not want to impose any system but rather to support an organic development. In addition, each womentee has different needs and objectives and the mentorship process needs to take this into account first and foremost. It is also important to take the time to establish a good rapport with the womentees and build a relationship of trust and mutual understanding. We encourage you to communicate with us when facing any challenges and to share your successes both in terms of methodology and personal stories of success.

Framework of Action: Three Pillars

We have a framework of action to ensure that the WMN is managed smoothly and the womentors and womentees feel supported. The phases of the WMN are separated into the following three pillars:


1. After being assigned to a womentee by the Stella team, do not hesitate to contact her first and set the date for the first meet-up, call or just an email;

2. The first discussion/meeting can serve as an introduction where:

a) you introduce each other;

b) arrange the best means of communication (in person, Skype or other);

c) discuss the focus of the mentorship (higher education, career, volunteering or other);

d) set expectations, goals and milestones;

3. Prepare for the first mentorship session;

4. Stella mentorship period can be as long/short as you agree with the mentee

Mentorship Session

1. Be on time and set a good example for the first mentorship session;

2. Be an active listener;

3. Provide clear and concise feedback;

4. Summarize meeting and set action points for the next session.


1. Track action points and provide feedback;

2. Discuss pending matters, if any;

3. Discuss openly about the experience.

Always remember to stimulate curiosity and build confidence of your womentee!

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Darko Crvenkovski

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