Stella New York

Stella New York provides a connecting platform with the aim to exchange the most innovative ideas from leading change-makers in how to increase women’s access to higher education and jobs. The Stella platform in NY will serve as a springboard to advance and expand the educational mentorship project in other countries. In doing so, the Stella platform puts into action the core Fulbright mission of fostering mutual understanding between the people of the US and other countries. It fosters a connection among change-makers based in the US and Europe, particularly in the Western Balkans. Stella’s output is expanding globally the support educational network, organising a series of panel discussions and workshops in NY, as well as providing guidelines that will be used in policy-making for gender equality in Macedonia. This output is in line with Stella’s goal to advance the dialogue and efforts on how social entrepreneurship driven initiatives and technology can help with increasing job opportunities and improving working conditions for women (such as creative start-ups, apps that link women for day-care, etc.) as well as motivational and practical tips for women’s increased participation in politics provided by leading female political /diplomatic figures.

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Fulbright Greater New York Chapter

The Greater New York Chapter of the Fulbright Association engages, supports & inspires NYC’s Fulbrighters, carrying forward the Fulbright mission of international understanding through international exchange and awareness. The Fulbright NY Alumnus-in-Residence (FAIR) program fosters alumni projects that further the Fulbright mission of international understanding while allowing alumni to accelerate the growth and success of a social entrepreneurship project through year-long support and thematic event programming. The 2018 FAIR recipient is Dr Vigjilenca Abazi who is one of the co-founders of Stella. Fulbright NY supports Stella and many activities are taking place in New York co-organised by Stella.

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