I am currently graduated in international communication at SEEU in Skopje.I would say that education has affected in my professional future career by having the possibility to work and organise my theoretical knowledge and transform it into practical skills in the places. I have always wanted to be part of such as: institutions that I have finished my internship and private organisations where I have had the possibility to know how the private sector works and how is related to the public sector. Moreover I have gained knowledge in my field of studies by strengthening my capacities and having a safe canal to orient the knowledge. I see education as a great opportunity and a life without education I would name as an experience that others lead in your name.

My aspirations are strong about building a future career in my profession, therefore I would like to inspire the women to work hard in their personal priorities by building a stable and consistent way of being their-self. I would like to share with them some successful stories of best woman in the world, what is really important to do in order to be successful in the career, which should be their reflections towards men, interests, hobbies, networks and opportunities that we should share together. I would also like to share with them my personal experiences that helped me a lot in order to be who I want to become one day