Education in my country can be a real roller-coaster with a lot of ups and falls due to variety of rules and testing. I am the first women in the family going to higher education like master degree. I was working hard and doing my bachelor most of the time with full commitment which gave me the award to graduate with high honor in top ten students. Education changed my life, helped me to find internship each summer and meet new people, share contact and become part of the team or lead one. Education helped me to find a job where I can develop into engineering and work shoulder to shoulder with people from different age, cultural and geographic background. Education helped me think and plan my career, make myself economically independent. Education is shape shifting my life everyday, because I am doing master and I hope one day to finish a PhD with work based on problem solving. Education affected my life to learn that basics of the thinks sometimes are simple, future needs to be researched but not discovered totally, changes can happen but for that being patient is crucial.

Personally I admire ladies like Michelle Obama who are aware of their public figure and information they can share regarding motions tickling each society like education, equal chances for girls and motivation for personal development in order to contribute and make something great for the community that way. On the other hand as an engineer personally I am inspired by a role model like Simone Giertz, innovator, maker and robotics enthusiast. I would like to share with other women some of my personal experience working as an engineer in a 87% male environment due to still in progress implementation of gender advocacy. I would like to share the highlights and open the box for larger points of view.