Currently I am attending Master of Education in Advanced Teaching at University of the People. I am also attending internship at 7 Cups. I am constantly attending MOOCs regarding education and mental health. Last year I was a mentor at the STEM U Mentoring Program of the New York Academy of Sciences and currently I am also an Ambassador of the NYAS about spreading the word of the importance of STEM education on social media.

Education has been my drive since I was a teenager. I have graduated from and American high school as an exchange student back in 1999. It has been the best experience in my life and ever since I haven’t stopped searching for ways to engage myself and use all my abilities and skills. Life brings all kinds of surprises and challenges and I am very thankful for every experience that has put me out of my comfort zone. Education is an inseparable part of my life especially since I got employed as a school psychologist 6 years ago.

I believe that there is no one more powerful than a woman with dreams. Circumstances may put us in difficult situations and we might find ourselves helpless or defeated. I would like to share my own experience and expertise to inspire other women to reach their optimal potentials.