I am a senior officer in trade agreements division, in the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Republic of Kosovo. Education has impacted my life tremendously. It has empowered me personally and socially. It enabled me to contribute towards the development of my country. Economic empowerment and independence is another very important factor that I got through my education and hard work. I was lucky and privileged to have had the chance to study at The London School of Economics and Political Science for my graduate studies. This degree provided me with a strong academic foundation, which opened so many doors to many things. I had the chance to attend many on-the-job training in different countries around the world. Having the chance to meet people with cultural differences has positive effects socially. Learning is an on-going process that never ends and people should be highly motivated in the pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Besides my professional interest in economics, politics and international trade, I am highly motivated to be engaged in activities that relate to women empowerment. In particular, women’s education is of high importance to me since this is associated with sustainable economic development and increase of social welfare. Realizing the importance of education of women means recognizing their talents and capabilities of bringing changes in society. Female empowerment starts within families. Family decision-making is a central factor in this matter. The more parents support their daughters to go to school the more advanced that society will be. I felt privilege to be part of a project that has as its main goal the advancement of the role of women in all spheres of the society, especially in our region where we still have negative attitudes towards the role of women.