I work as a project manager. I am a strong believer that education is the pathway to women’s personal freedom and the progress of an entire society. I always wanted to have the experience of studying abroad. Hard work paid off and I received the Fulbright Scholarship to do a Master degree in USA. This experience helped me to grow professionally as well as personally, and was a life-changing and enlightening experience. High quality education is my strongest foundation that I will carry throughout my life and career. I am very excited to share my experience on how (with the help of other women-role models) I went about setting goals to attain my educational achievements, scholarships and working in the non-governmental sector. I could provide insight in the struggles of being a young woman in managerial position, my failures and successes. Active citizenship and public participation are something that I believe needs to be encouraged in women today, and would like to discuss more with women on how public policies affect them differently than men, and why gender mainstreaming in policy making is important.