I am PhD researcher at the School of Law at Queen’s University in Belfast. I am also a country expert in EELN in Belgium and external collaborator at EPI in Macedonia. Education changed me profoundly. It turned an insecure girl from a family that was hit hard during the transition in the 90s with a head slightly leaning towards the ground, into an independent, confident and vocal woman. It also helped me to have a better understanding about the events and developments as well as retain a critical mind in challenging times. Education has a transformative potential to shake up power relations and to dismantle them. This is why it is imperative that women, who can support or help others with something they acquired during their formal and informal education, to do so. We should all be ‘lifting as we climb’, without leaving anyone behind. My main drive that I want to share with other women is the curiosity to discover and understand the world, especially the sources of inequalities and the power relations in it, and the passion to improve the world.