Education allowed me to learn and grow intellectually. Gave me the ability to enhance my perception of the world as I’ve see it, and construct my own life and personality. I will proudly say that it has changed my life tremendously; I worked extremely hard to get good grades in order to make my family proud. I am also very grateful for the opportunities that my education had given me and my family. I would not be able to support my family today, or have obtained any jobs I wanted if it wasn’t for the education and knowledge I received. Education also has given me professionalism so that I can succeed. I can only do my best to give that kind of education to my kids and family now. What drives and inspires me is that I always make time to give back through random acts of kindness and help others wherever I can, especially women and girls. I love what I do and do what I love. Life’s too short to waste it on anything less, as a life filled with regret, is no life at all. I believe we all need to constantly keep growing and evolving, keep testing and pushing ourselves both physically & mentally, while pushing the limits of what’s possible in all areas of life. What drives and inspires me also, is being able to solve problems through the application of different techniques and modalities, which is both challenging and rewarding. I enjoy the process from beginning to end, from diagnosing the issue to overseeing the implementation of my suggestions, and finally hearing reports of the positive results of my contributions.