I never stop studying and that is a reason for my success and fulfilled life, no fears for something new or upcoming changes in my life. Investment in education was the best investment for myself. I want to share my gift with all women in the world, to learn how to perceive people, to learn how to recognize manipulators instantly, keeping them on a safe distance in their life, so they will enjoy their success and they’ll have private live full of bliss. They’ll learn a lot from my life experience as a woman in men’s world (many years leader in corporate) and a mother, spouse, sister and woman as a human being. I have 2 bestselling book on Amazon “The Winning Skill” and “Courageous World Catalysts II” and program for women “The Winning Skill – Learn how to perceive people” on my website www.thewinningskill.com My inspiration for the coaching program and my books, is a WOMAN – woman as a target of manipulations in her professional and private life.