I am a lecturer at the department of Social work and Social policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, “Mother Teresa” University – Skopje and a civil society activist.

My academic background is a combination of Social and Law studies (holding Bachelor and Master Degrees in each field). Currently I am pursuing a PhD in Social Policy. My research interests include: social policy; social security systems, migration, employment trajectories and family policy in the context of South East European countries.

I have considerable experience in teaching in higher Education institutions of Albania and North Macedonia and have participated in different national and international conferences. In addition to my work as a lecturer I have been part of the implementation of many projects and researches and have published several research works. I am an active member of several civil society initiatives whose main goal is fostering women social participation and enhancing their leading and decision-making capacity as a way to increase their public presence in policy making.

I believe that education is the gate to a better future, leading an individual towards an ocean of opportunities. Throughout my education I’ve had the chance to meet with inspiring people who have challenged, supported, mentored and contributed on who I am today; an outgoing and eager to learn educator and social activist, who puts education in service of social change and contributes to make other’s lives better.

Seeking and sharing knowledge is my state of being, and as a teacher and a social activist, I know there’s no better way to show how much I care. In life you either manipulate people, or motivate them; I stand for the later, strongly believing that my life gains value only when it makes someone’s day brighter, someone’s mind smarter and someone’s heart warmer.