I have a degree in Economy, I studied at the State University “Cyril and Methodius”. Although the knowledge I got there is very important and it gave me a strong base, it wasn’t enough. The area I studied is constantly evolving and that is why I needed to know more than what was being thought. During my studies I joined a student organization to get more practical skills, this brought me my first job. At my second year of study I started working at a national TV station in the Morning Show. The University thought me a lot about Economy and Marketing but I knew very little about journalism, media production and television in general. That is why I needed to learn everything while doing. I was reading a lot about my new career and I was attending personal classes for reading and “work in front of the camera” (and this is where most of my paycheck went), but it was worth it. I believe that it is important to have traditional education, but you must find a learning path tailored for YOU and YOUR career development.

Being a woman is not easy (even in the 21st century), but it is beautiful. We have a different approach at things, fierce and kind in the same time. I was working in areas in which is not easy to be a young woman. You have to work way harder, to prove your worth. Most of us are judged by our looks – If you are pretty, you are not that smart, if you are not considered pretty enough, you must be frustrated, etc. I was working in Television, Politics/Finance and Public Relations, it was/and is, fun but it is not easy. There were men and women bringing me down, but there were always my womentors as well. Strong and inspiring women have helped me a lot and still do. I would love to share my skills, support and knowledge (although I am far from knowing it all) with other women. Weather they are just starting a new career, need new skills that I can help them with or just need some advice “I am your girl”.