I am Magazine Editor and Digital Strategist. Education unlocked the world for me. It gave me the vocabulary to articulate my questions and the tools to search for answers. I was extremely privileged to always attend excellent schools, both public and private, and my parents reinforced my education at home. It’s difficult to even begin to trace the impact of education on my life, as I don’t think there’s any part of my reality that it has not touched. From exposing me to new ideas to introducing me to the professors, mentors and friends who have helped to shape my development, education has opened doors that would have otherwise been closed to me. In a globalized patriarchal society where women’s voices are marginalized (if not silenced), I think that one of the most valuable things women can share with other women is their own stories. This is a first step to the normalization of women’s experiences, and not just normalization but celebration. While I was always aware that my own worldview as a female was not the so-called mainstream narrative, I became most acutely aware of it when I was pregnant. Up until then, I had always been able to navigate a man’s world—strategically—with minimal discomfort, but this became much more challenging during pregnancy, when my ‘woman-ness’ was brought to the literal forefront. It changed the way I behaved in society and the way men interacted with me, but more importantly, it heightened my awareness of what women risk, endure, survive and master all over the world and on their own terms. Every woman is different, and every woman’s journey is different; we best support each other when we share our stories, when we listen, and when we unite around what we have in common.