Klelija Zhivkovikj is an artist and designer from Skopje. She holds an MA in social design from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she worked at the art and education institute as a research assistant for the VisMath project in 2014 and a correspondence coordinator in organizing the InSEA regional conference in 2016. Other organizations and institutions she has collaborated with include the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, the Essl Foundation, the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Skopje, the University in Nairobi, the Project space Press to Exit etc. At the moment she is living and working in Skopje as a project coordinator for the “Supporting girls’ and women’s economic empowerment in rural areas” in Stella and teaches Design Studio at the graphic design academy at Brainster. She has co-founded the organizations Platform for civic engagement through artistic and cultural practices Sociopatch Skopje and Phantasmagoria. Her research interests are the commons, gender equality and the models of governance of the natural and human resources that are being practiced.