I am Cultural Assistant at Peace Corps Macedonia. I feel privileged for having the opportunity to educate myself and the education I have had the chance to embrace, both formal and non-formal has had a huge impact on my personal and professional development. I have greatly invested in non-formal education specifically, that has enabled me to form a significant network of people who have empowered me with various skills and competences and through which I have learnt to leave my comfort zone and be dynamic and proactive in achieving my goals. While working as a trainer at youth educational and leadership camps, for young girls and boys, I have noticed that girls from rural communities specifically are discouraged and come across obstacles from their communities to use the skills and competences they have acquired at camps since the communities are still conservative and not very open for girls’ education and empowerment. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to educating and training women on being courageous enough to face the obstacles in the conservative and rural communities of Macedonia and find for their rights in the society and educating and empowering them with various skills.