My name is Nada Dosti, I’m from Durres and I have been living in Ankara, Turkey for seven years. I’ve been an independent journalist for over 10 years and I am currently working as a freelance editor for TUBITAK research institutions.

I am an activist, journalist, editor, mother, and linguist. I hold a degree in Translation and Interpretation from Tirana University and a Masters in Journalism from Ankara, Turkey. I am fluent in five languages; Albanian, English, Turkish, Macedonian, Arabic, and Italian.

Formal education hasn’t changed me at all, though non formal education has complete changed my life by embracing new opportunities and opening my mind.

I know it’s not easy, my dear, but it’s worth it! Whatever your struggles, do not stop fighting for your rights. Speak up against injustice in a smart way and with the proper tools. Support other women instead of dragging them down.