I am Parliamentary Advisor. Education has affected my life in many ways. First, it has helped me learn more about myself and my potential, and has given me the proper knowledge and skills to put my ideas into work. Consequently, it has contributed to both my professional development as well as the development of the society. Secondly, it has given me the best lenses through which to see the world in a more real and objective way. Finally, due to education I managed to realize my dream – to study at a top-ranked university on global level as a Chevening Awardee. Today, I am enjoying its fruits in many ways: I have a very fulfilling job, I am part of many special and admirable circles of people and possess enough confidence and motivation to study more, work more and reach the ultimate goal of this life – self-actualization! In my opinion, if I was to choose one single tool to success and meaning in life, that would definitely be qualitative education. I am inspired by brilliant minds, wise people and all those who have the skills to detect the current challenges that world faces and enough courage to act upon them.