I am a doctor of medicine. I am open and flexible to learn and navigate new things, raise awareness and introduce new topics. I am a team player and I can easily work with people of different generations and ethnicities. I also have organizational skills which help me work efficiently and productively. I have organized many raise-awareness campaigns such as “Fight against Breast Cancer”, “Getting to 0 – HIV/AIDS”, “Movember” and “End violence against Women”. While engaging in these projects I have learned about the difficulty of tackling such vulnerable issues in the community surrounding us. However, the positive outcome concerns the fact that once people are given the opportunity, they always speak up and discuss about what matters to them. Education has made me develop personally and be socially aware. It has made me well informed about my rights and the moral and ethical responsibilities that I face in life while engaging with people and confronting issues in different circumstances. Most importantly it has taught me the importance of using the acquired skills and knowledge into committing and influencing the society I live in. I am mostly inspired by women who fight and strive to turn weaknesses into strengths. We’re used to hear about the stories of the world’s most outstanding players, the heroines and the success stories that have shaped history. However, in everyday life we meet extraordinary people who happen to be women. Among these heroines are the mother being a single parent, the woman struggling with dyslexia, the woman fighting sexual harassment. These models of the extraordinary serve as inspiration for current and future generations.