Sara Milenkovska is currently working as a Programme Development Assistant in NMSI, a programme working in supporting anti-corruption, human rights, media professionalisation, and good governance. Her social engagement started in the Red Cross and later evolved in a direction of advocating for gender equality, solidarity and freedom of speech (press) in different NGOs, platforms, conferences, initiatives etc. Her vast experience in active debating, debate competitions, and later teaching debate to younger generations has helped her in addressing crucial social issues publicly. Civic activism, on the other side, has led her to understand the need for direct democracy and active citizens’ participation in the democratic processes. Additionally, she works as a journalist and content creator at Meduza, the first feminist platform in North Macedonia. The concept of mentorship and support have been present in her life from an early age. Her upbringing has played a critical and central role in who she is today. Having been brought up by a single mother, who is a poet and a fighter for social causes, has turned her into an idealist who believes that only by coming together and working towards a common goal we can improve each individual’s position within the society. That is why she is so proud to be a co-founder of Stella.