I am a public relations advisor at the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia. I have translated from English and Macedonian into Romani language and vice versa over five thousand documents, leaflets, brochures etc. I have organized many cultural and poetry events in Macedonia where we have promoted the original characteristics of Roma people and I have contributed to the multicultural society in Macedonia. Being a Romani woman means that you have to be strong and to dream big. When you stumble and fall you have to get up, put yourself together again, and continue to walk with your head high. The key to the success is the education. We have to learn all the time, to understand that knowledge is an instrument to fulfil our dreams. When I got my MA diploma I said that it isn’t only mine and I had devoted it to all women in the world that are investing in their selves. If you have a clear vision for your future, you should bear in mind that one closed door in front of you means that a new one will be open soon. A decade ago, I was a mom of a teenager, a wife, a woman with very busy working life… I felt that I could do much more for myself if I continued with my education. My family was my driving force and with their support my vision become a reality. And I am not stopping here. All the knowledge I have learned through the years I feel that it should be shared with the younger generations.