Currently holding BA in Communications Sciences, I’ve always been interested on how communication influences many global issues around the world. Since the age of 14, I was interested into advocacy, human rights, and civil society by being active in the non-governmental sector. I am affiliated as office administrator at the Children with Visual Impairments Project, instructor at the National Red Cross Program „Promotion of Human Values“, Y-PEER Macedonia Focal Point and recently member of the Leo club Phoenix. As a young activist my work is mainly focused in advocating for youth participation in the decision-making processes and promoting the culture of dialog as a core precondition for creation of an intercultural society. I have worked on initiatives and projects that promote sustainable development, gender equality, education on sexual reproductive health and rights, and inclusion of disabled children. Education, especially the opportunity to study abroad, which I had for one semester in La Roche-sur Yon – France, is a unique and intense experience of studying in a truly social context with intercultural surrounding and environment. It is a benefit and strong asset for those who want to obtain a successful professional career. Studying abroad allowed me to experience life and major changes for the first time, learning how to adjust to a new culture and way of life. As I have come to appreciate the importance of an international perspective in an ever globalized world, I am inspired to share my experience with other girls and women.