Support provided by mentors is crucial for our academic, professional and general life development. The Stella team actively works to provide mentors that would support girls and women in their professional and personal development. On June 21st, at the American Corner Skopje, from 17:00 to 19:00, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Stella Network and how it can benefit you. Join for a , conversation with one of the founders of the network: Vigjilenca Abazi. She will explain why being part of a mentorship network is important and share insights from Stella’s work in Macedonia and in New York. Join the conversation and lean more what Stella can do for you!

Vigjilenca Abazi is a legal scholar currently based at the New York University in the United States, with many years of experience in academia and the non-governmental sector in Europe. Deeply concerned by the lack of resources and support for education in Macedonia, she took the initiative to bring the Stella team together with the common strong belief in fostering the aspirations of girls and women with a shared belief in fostering the aspirations of girls and women. Vijgilenca is also a Fulbright Alumnus-in-residence in New York, which helped her develop the Stella network both in Macedonia and in the United States.