Our diversity is our strength. We are women & men, professionals in academia, civil society, government, and international organisations with age span 24-35 of different backgrounds. Whilst we are based in various parts of the world, we cherish our local roots in North Macedonia. We firmly believe in solidarity. We work through research and data-driven projects. We seek to bridge gender equality and environmental stewardship. Structural change is what we strive for, one project at a time. 

  • Vigjilenca Abazi

    Vigjilenca Abazi is an Assistant Professor of European Law at Maastricht University with experience beyond ten years in…...Read more

  • Elena B Stavrevska

    Elena B. Stavrevska is a peace scholar, currently working at the Centre for Women, Peace, and Security at…...Read more

  • Erlin Agich

    Erlin Agich is a PhD candidate in political science and an aid worker. Her research interest is in…...Read more

  • Natasa Dimova

    Natasha Dimova is a political scientist, currently working as a Project Officer at the Macedonian Center for International…...Read more

  • Lura Pollozhani

    Lura Pollozhani is an Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia on cooperation with…...Read more

  • Vlora Rechica

    Vlora Rechica is currently working as a researcher and programme manager at the Institute for democracy “Societas Civilis”…...Read more

  • Sara Milenkovska

    Sara Milenkovska is currently working as a Programme Development Assistant in NMSI, a programme working in supporting anti-corruption,…...Read more