Stella is a civil society organisation initiated by enthusiastic women seeking to improve access to higher education and economic empowerment for girls and women in North Macedonia. Stella connects women in creating networks of solidarity, knowledge, and experience. Through different projects and activities, the organisations aims to contribute to a nationwide dialogue about societal and structural challenges we must collectively address in supporting girls and women in their future paths. Our team firmly believes in the importance of support and togetherness in developing our potentials.


The economic and societal empowerment of women and girls remains an important challenge around the globe. North Macedonia, too, faces challenges in attaining gender equity. Access to higher education and quality jobs is particularly challenging for girls and women in the country, and even more pronounced among women and girls in rural areas and/or belonging to minority communities.

Stella organises different activities aiming to tackle these challenges at various levels. For instance, by providing a one-on-one guidance and advice through the Women’s Mentorship Network, the Stella mentees are supported through individual mentorship in pursuing further studies and/or jobs that best fit their interests. On the other hand, through Town Hall Discussions across the country, Stella has brought diverse women speakers in municipalities to discuss systemic barriers to educational and economic empowerment of women and girls. These discussions have brought together members of the community, women and men alike, to a constructive debate and working towards building lasting solutions.