Vlora Rechica is currently working as a researcher and programme manager at the Institute for democracy “Societas Civilis” in Skopje and is set to start her Master studies in Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science in September 2019.

Coming from a conservative country, finding a job more suitable for women has always been a priority. To challenge this behavior, her goal has been to work towards a society which encourages women to take on any challenge they desire and normalise non-standard jobs for women. Even though a working place can be a very important empowering place for girls and women, she believes that it is also important to motivate girls and women to join new ventures and do something different. Vlora believes that through the Stella Network she will be able to work towards a society more open for women in many ways. Not just workplace comfort, but also a place where “different” is celebrated and not deemed inappropriate.